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Cathie Anderson: Roseville PR guru sets up shop, hires 6 employees in little more than a year

08/11/2014 4:37 PM

08/11/2014 6:32 PM

Public relations expert Lori Prosio founded her own firm last summer, and she told me today that her decision to do so has been validated many times over in subsequent months.

Prosio Communications closed out 2013 with a nice profit after only six months of business, she said. Last March, the president and CEO leased a 2,400-square-foot-office at 1544 Eureka Road in Roseville. Last month, despite competition from larger firms, the Prosio team won a $3.5-million-a-year contract from the California Office of Traffic Safety. And, this week, Prosio said, she is preparing to hire her seventh employee.

The state agency has the option of renewing the contract annually for up to three years, Prosio said, so she and her team are working to ensure that business keeps coming back. It was a contract that Prosio and several of her new employees actually won for the first time when they worked at the Sacramento office of Katz & Associates.

“When the contract came back up for bid back in June, my team put together what we considered to be a very strong proposal,” Prosio said. “We will do everything related to communication issues for traffic safety, so there are three core components to the campaign. There’s an anti-DUI effort. There’s an anti-distracted driving effort, and then this year, they’re incorporating a brand-new bicycle and pedestrian safety campaign.”

After winning this contract, Prosio said, government contracts now make up the lion’s share of Prosio Communications’ revenue, but in terms of the number of clients, half come from the business world. Companies seek assistance with crisis communications, public relations and marketing.


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