Cathie Anderson

August 19, 2014

Anderson: Mural project gets closer to goal of brightening underbelly of Sacramento’s W-X freeway

Tre Borden, Sofia Lacin and Hennessy Christophel are nearly two-thirds of the way toward funding their $150,000 Bright Underbelly project, a mural project that will put a 70,000-square-foot image on the underbelly of the W-X freeway.

Cathie Anderson

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Tre Borden, Sofia Lacin and Hennessy Christophel are nearly two-thirds of the way to brightening up the underside of the W-X freeway in Sacramento, giving shoppers at the weekend farmers’ market something more colorful to look up to than gray concrete.

Borden, the business manager in this trio, told me that they have raised very close to $100,000 of the $150,000 needed to complete a mural project known as Bright Underbelly. He got the idea for the mural after seeing a painted pedestrian bridge in Buenos Aires, but didn’t know who could execute it until he met Lacin and Christophel. The trio were all residents in the Flywheel Creative Economy Incubator.

Borden and his partner back then, Tapigami artist Danny Scheible, had opened a temporary exhibit space at Downtown Plaza called Exhibit S. Lacin and Christophel were gaining recognition for murals like the “Same Sun” design at the East Area Water Tank in Davis. The two artists say the Bright Underbelly mural will create an environment that captures the cycles of nature, from macro to micro.

“We’re trying to make a visual connecting point between you, the visitor and the farmers’ market,” Lacin said. “That specific location used to be lined with sycamore trees, and the leaves we have in that design are actually sycamores. We’re reviving a little of that literal history.”

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