Nursing Homes

Part 1: How California’s largest nursing home chains perform

As the population ages and more families face the daunting task of choosing long-term care, consumers remain largely in the dark about the ownership of many California nursing homes – and their track records. Yet knowing who owns what can be critical for fragile patients seeking long-term care, according to a Sacramento Bee investigation, which analyzed thousands of federal and state records detailing the ownership of the state’s 1,260 nursing homes.

Nursing Homes

Part 2: Who owns California’s nursing homes?

As private investment groups scoop up an ever-larger share of the nation’s skilled-nursing care market, it has become increasingly difficult to decipher who owns the nation’s largest chains. Elder-care advocates will tell you this is no accident: A convoluted ownership structure, they say, is a way for owners to hide assets and shield themselves from civil and criminal liability when patients are abused or neglected in their care. Confusing lines of ownership also make it harder for regulators to detect worrisome patterns of care among facilities within a chain.

Nursing Homes

Part 3: California falls short in disclosing nursing-home ownership

California has more nursing homes than any other state, and one of the country’s highest percentages of facilities owned by for-profit interests. Yet, as more private investment groups acquire skilled-nursing facilities, and ownership structures grow ever more layered and complex, the state has not kept pace with industry changes to help consumers evaluate chains – or even to identify the principals behind them.

Nursing Homes

Help for consumers: How to research California nursing homes

For consumers looking for skilled-nursing care, several government agencies and nonprofit groups assemble information to help guide the process. The following organizations collect information on nursing homes in California and elsewhere, from ownership data to quality rankings to citations and deficiencies.

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