May 28, 2014

Update: Morning commute not as bad but still a pain due to Fix50

Wednesday’s Highway 50 commute has been notably lighter than yesterday.

Wednesday’s Highway 50 commute has been notably lighter than yesterday, when traffic stalled for miles, but backups persisted on the westbound side of the freeway and on several other inbound freeways and streets.

Traffic on westbound 50 had backed up past the 51st Street overcrossing during the peak of the commute, which appeared to come a little earlier than usual - but congestion has since eased. By 8:30 a.m., backups extended just east of the Stockton Boulevard exit.

Traffic remained stop and go on the connector ramp from Highway 99 to westbound 50. Most east-west streets in east Sacramento had heavy traffic as drivers sought to avoid the freeway. Interstate 5 traffic was heavy as well as south Sacramento and Elk Grove commuters headed into downtown on that freeway to avoid the crunch on Highway 99.

Current traffic map, updates and news on Fix50 project.

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Sacramento Regional Transit officials said they geared up today for larger crowds on their Gold line trains from Folsom and Blue line trains from Meadowview.

Three lanes on Highway 50 are closed downtown on the W-X portion of the freeway for repair.

Tuesday, on day one of the westbound closures, traffic congestion was extensive, causing half-hour delays for many commuters from the east suburbs, south Sacramento and Elk Grove.

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