A look back at the arena saga

04/14/2012 12:00 AM

04/13/2012 11:59 PM

FEB. 27

"It's game over! Sacramento deserves to win, and this is our chance to win. I'm so emotional, I can't even articulate it."

- Mayor Kevin Johnson, after a handshake deal on an arena financing plan was completed in Orlando, Fla.

FEB. 27

"I think it is a fair deal. We gave a lot. Everybody had to give. Sometimes you have to take chances, and we think this is worth taking."

- George Maloof, emerging from the Orlando negotiations


"We have been trying as a city for years to be for something and not against something. We defied the odds. Nobody thought we would be here today."

- Kevin Johnson, upon the City Council's approval of the arena financing plan


"The team should not be responsible for the pre-development expenses. That has been the position of the Kings from the start."

- Maloof spokesman Eric Rose


"The success of the new entertainment and sports complex depends on complete trust and partnership among all parties. It was with that spirit that we all agreed to a deal in Orlando, including the Maloof family, who looked an entire room in the eye and promised their commitment to Sacramento."

- Kevin Johnson, on the dispute over pre-development expenses


"We're 100 percent focused on Sacramento and getting a deal done in Sacramento. No one's trying to kill the deal - it's part of the negotiations."

- George Maloof


"(Our goal is to put the project) right back on track and start negotiating this thing again."

- George Maloof, before this week's NBA meetings


"The Kings' position has not changed. They desire to stay in Sacramento and are working diligently toward that end. And the Kings are not for sale."

- Eric Rose, asked about a letter from Sacramento business people pressing the NBA for new Kings ownership


"Put simply, we have done our part. And there should be no expectation in (today's) conversation that this deal is subject to further negotiation."

- Kevin Johnson, in New York for last-minute talks on arena deal.


"Why don't we look at redoing Power Balance? Most of our customers enjoy going to Power Balance. ... It just seems more natural. It's less money. There's less pressure on everybody."

- George Maloof


"I don't know what the Maloofs plan to do. I know they don't plan to honor their commitment to a downtown arena."

- Kevin Johnson


"We have nothing further to give, to cajole, to yell or all the various ways I've tried to keep the parties on track to get what we thought was a win-win in Sacramento."

- NBA Commissioner David Stern

- Bee researcher Pete Basofin

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