August 26, 2012

Leading Off: Maloofs owe Kings fans real answers

Kings fans – your paying customers – demand an answer.

Dear Joe and Gavin:


First it was Anaheim, then it was Seattle. And last week, it was Virginia Beach, Va.

Virginia Beach?

And how many others have we just not heard about?

As owners of the Kings, it's certainly your right to take calls from arena developers and other cities. We even understand if you're out playing the field, looking for a better deal elsewhere.

After all, you're businessmen, and you own a rare commodity, one of just 30 NBA teams. You have something other cities want, and for now you control the future of the Kings.

Maybe this latest report isn't true, maybe you aren't in cahoots with Comcast-Spectacor to move the Kings to Virginia Beach, but give folks a real answer.

Are you considering taking the Kings away from Sacramento, which has been loyal to the franchise since 1985?

Kings fans – your paying customers – demand an answer.

And they deserve an answer.

These half-answers – scripted responses from hired PR guns that don't say anything – have become tiresome, and they won't do much to help fill those seats at your old building when the season opens in two months.

Kings fans are reaching a breaking point with you guys, all bubbly one minute (when you're selling tickets and gear), quiet and unreachable the next.

You want fans to embrace you and the team? Then it's time for you to do likewise.

If not, maybe it's time to leave town, with or without your team.

What to watch

Sailing, America's Cup World Series, 11:30 a.m., Ch. 3: Watching 45-foot cats race is special, even more so in the San Francisco Bay.

What to do

Baseball, Salt Lake at River Cats, 6:05 p.m., Raley Field: It's your last chance to see them at home before the playoffs.

Weekend poll

What do you want to see happen with the Kings?

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