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January 9, 2014

Roseville police warn of smash and grab thefts at gyms, trailheads

A thief smashed the window of a car parked at a trailhead, making off with a backpack.

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Another smash and grab auto burglary at a well-used trailhead has prompted a warning from Roseville police.

Roseville police suggest that when residents park at fitness centers or trailheads before heading for a workout, make sure purses, wallets and other valuables are not left in the vehicle.

Thieves know that they probably have an hour to break in after a person parks. One of the places frequented by auto burglars is the Miner’s Ravine trailhead, near North Sunrise Avenue and Roseville Parkway.

A thief broke the window of a car parked at the trailhead on Dec. 27, making off with a backpack. Inside the backpack was the victim’s wallet, cell phone, iPad, credit cards and identification.

Police recommend only bringing items you can take along with you to the gym or trail: driver’s license, car keys and cell phone.

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