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July 22, 2014

Local firefighters train for oil spill on Sacramento River

Sacramento and West Sacramento firefighters joined the U.S. Coast Guard for today’s training exercise.

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Local firefighters and U.S. Coast Guard officials gathered Tuesday on the Sacramento River to train for a large-scale oil spill on the water.

Sacramento and West Sacramento firefighters, including the agencies’ hazardous materials response teams, joined the Coast Guard for the drills, which included using large booms that would help contain a spill.

Roberto Padilla, a spokesman for the Sacramento Fire Department, said the training was necessary to prepare for a possible disaster and to make sure all potential responding agencies are “on the same page.”

“We do have railroad lines that cross the river at multiple points,” he said.

It was the first time in recent memory that local agencies trained for an oil spill response on such a large scale, Padilla said.

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