Mysterious – but so far harmless – bundles popping up at Sac State

11/08/2013 12:55 PM

11/08/2013 12:58 PM

A series of mysterious bundles found at California State University, Sacramento has school officials scratching their heads.

Five small bundles, containing random objects bound with black duct tape, showed up on campus during the past few weeks, said Sacramento State Police Chief Mark Iwasa.

Calling the packages “suspicious” and “weird-looking,” the chief noted that the objects were later found to be harmless.

“It was junk – a dismantled circuit board, prescription medications and a tea cup,” Iwasa said.

Officials first found two bundles near the edge of campus by the railroad tracks Sept. 3. Since then, they have recovered three other bundles near classrooms. Investigators are reviewing surveillance tape for possible leads.

Students are asked to call police if they see the bundles.

“Do they really look like bombs? Possibly, so we don’t want anyone to touch these things. You never know,” Iwasa said.


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