Greenhaven students invovled in Heimlich maneuver episode invited to Hollywood

05/08/2012 12:00 AM

10/08/2014 10:35 AM

The students at the center of the Heimlich maneuver life-saving episode May 1 at Caroline Wenzel Elementary School are headed to Hollywood.

Elspeth "Beanie" Mar, all 38 pounds of her, performed the Heimlich maneuver on a classmate, Aniyah Rigmaiden, who was choking on a piece of apple in the lunchroom of their Greenhaven school.

Another classmate, Anthony Roy Jr., first noticed Aniyah was turning red, springing Beanie into action.

Six-year-old Beanie, who learned the Heimlich watching the television Show "A.N.T. Farm," just sat back down and finished eating her lunch after aiding her friend.

It wasn't until they returned to class that her teacher, Maria Marshall, learned of Beanie's exploits.

Now the producers of "A.N.T. Farm" want to invite Beanie, Aniyah, Anthony and their parents to Hollywood to watch how an episode of the Disney series is made and to meet the young stars of the show.

The producers have set a tentative date of May 18 for the visit and have offered to make flight, hotel and ground transportation arrangements.


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