Roseville ban on growing medical pot outdoors starts today

11/01/2012 12:00 AM

11/01/2012 8:04 AM

Beginning today, it is illegal to harvest outdoor medical marijuana in Roseville.

In June, the city approved an ordinance that said medical marijuana patients must grow their pot indoors. A grace period until Nov. 1 was established to give growers time to harvest any outdoor crop.

The ordinance was enacted to allow residents to enjoy their property "without being subjected to odors and safety concerns associated with outdoor medical marijuana cultivation," according to the city.

Facts about the new ordinance:

All outdoor, open-air cultivation is against the law, starting today in Roseville.

Medical marijuana may be grown only by authorized growers in Roseville indoors.

Indoor grows are allowed only in the authorized grower's primary residence.

People walking past the grower's house should not be able to see marijuana plants through the window or smell marijuana odors.

Code-enforcement officers may issue citations for uncorrected violations of the ordinance.

When the ordinance was proposed last summer, advocates said the new law was needed because backyard gardens had a skunky smell. Medical marijuana activists said ordinance proponents were simply trying to make it as difficult as possible to grow pot.


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