Sacramento veteran: ‘Everything you’ve heard about Pearl Harbor is what I saw’

Glenn Sorensen was wiping down his car that December morning on Oahu, a 1937 Buick that, to this day, was the best he’d ever driven. That black sedan even took a bullet for him. Three, in fact. He’s holding one of them now, squeezing it between the fingers of his left hand, and he’ll tell you he’s the luckiest man he knows.


Brother’s memory inspires contribution to Vietnam memorial

Joseph Santos, 21, died after a mortar attack on an American airfield near the Demilitarized Zone. Ernie Santos said an eyewitness told him that his brother and two other soldiers rushed out from a bunker to save a Jeep that had overturned from a mortar explosion. A second round of mortar fire killed the three soldiers instantly, but the Jeep driver survived.

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