May 15, 2014

Today Marks the Beginning of the End of Hitler Rule

Originally published in The Sacramento Bee on June 6, 1944

The day for which the world long has awaited -- D Day is here.

The Allied forces of liberation, spearheaded by American forces, are swarming across the English Channel. They are marching gallantly forward on the soil of France.

It is a moment of great anxiety.

It is a moment of great confidence.

It is a moment of vast hope and prayfulness.

Everywhere the hearts and minds of free peoples are with the brave men who have gone forth to relight the lamps of freedom in Europe.

Not only is this the greatest military operation in the history of the world; it is the greatest crusade which man has ever undertaken.

It will succeed because it must succeed.

The world may be sure nothing has been left ot chance and that General Eisenhower did not give the fateful word until he was certain he could strike in overwhelming numbers and with overpowering equipment.

Here now is the beginning of the end for the tyrants of Berlin.

Prime Minister Churchill has given the heartening assurance things are going much better than was expected.

No matter how well things go, of course, many of the determined men who left the shores of England last night will not return.

But theirs will be a sacrifice so the millions may live is peace and happiness.

God be with them all.

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