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Marcos Bretón

Kaepernick's story remains the same. What that says about us.

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is still being blackballed by the NFL for his refusal to stand for the national anthem, with teams – the latest being the Seattle Seahawks – refusing to sign him unless he promises not to kneel during the "Star Spangled Banner" instead of protesting police brutality against African Americans.

Marcos Bretón

'I'm not OK today.' She witnessed a cop beating and relives it always

Naomi Montaie witnessed Sacramento police Officer Anthony Figueroa beat Nandi Cain Jr. for allegedly jaywalking a year ago April 10, 2017, recorded it on her iPhone, and relives the trauma every day. Cain is part of the city's police history –the City Council approved him receiving $550,000 in damages – that now includes the shooting death of Stephon Clark March 18, 2018.

'Let's focus on who needs help:' Darrell Steinberg on grants for low-income kids

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg held a press conference Thursday to discuss the $500,000 in grants for nonprofits to help low-income children in neighborhoods like the one where Stephon Clark was killed by Sacramento Police last month.
Ryan Lillis