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Marcos Bretón

Sometimes, you just have to bring that baby to a meeting

Sacramento City Councilman Eric Guerra has learned the value of child care with the birth of his son Javier in November, and brings Javier with him to meetings , not only evoking painful memories of the poverty and toiling in the fields with his parents, but awakening him to the need to provide inexpensive daycare for working parents.

Marcos Bretón

Governor Deukmejian – Nice guy with an awful legacy

California Gov. George Deukmejian, who died May 8, was hailed as a "nice guy," but he also shepherded initiatives and polices that targeted African Americans and Latinos, created overcrowded prisons, rode sensibilities that marginalized people of color, and created a sense of fear that pervades the state now.

Marcos Bretón

My mother deserved more from me, too

On Mother's Day, we take a moment to honor our mothers, but also reflect on how we could have been better sons, giving them respect patriarchal culture denied, and how the #MeToo movement has reshaped our perception of behavior toward women.

Marcos Bretón

Republicans lie about immigration and Democrats let them do it

The gubernatorial candidates Tuesday May 8 would not talk straight about immigration, with the Republicans offering lies and the Democrats stumbling and mumbling their way around a topic that needed clarity. The candidates were: Democrats Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, Treasurer John Chiang and Antonio Villaraigosa, the former mayor of Los Angeles; Republicans John Cox and Assemblyman Travis Allen.

Marcos Bretón

Hey, man, light up one for Cheech Marin, he's earned it

Richard "Cheech" received a Latino Spirit Award, given by the California Latino Legislative Caucus on the floor of the state Assembly, Monday, May 7, for his contributions to comedy fillmmaking, beyond his stoner movies with Tommy Chong that played off the humor marijuana, once forbidden but now legal in the state.

This politician brings his own baby to do Sacramento’s business

Councilman Eric Guerra, who represents Sacramento's District 6, doubles as a politician and father as he splits time with his wife to care for their son Javier.
José Luis Villegas