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Angry over Kings staying put, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder goes after Sacramento

11/26/2013 1:10 PM

11/26/2013 4:18 PM

Watch out, Sacramento. Pearl Jam is angry with you.

Band frontman Eddie Vedder – a Seattle resident – took aim at Sacramento with an expletive-filled rant during a recent show in Oklahoma City, expressing his displeasure with the NBA’s decision to deny a Kings move from Sacramento to the Pacific Northwest.

Vedder’s choice words for Sacramento came in the very city where his beloved SuperSonics moved in 2008.

A fan’s video shows Vedder saying that “the people that really (expletive) us over is Sacramento,” before adding, “When you think about it, and if you’ve ever been to Sacramento, they’re already kind of (expletive).”

That tirade stemmed from an earlier outburst by Vedder in Charlotte, N.C., where he made similarly complimentary statements about Oklahoma City. A review of that show in The Charlotte Observer said Vedder’s rant about the Sonics’ move to Oklahoma in 2008 “left an impression.”

Vedder further explained his outburst at Thunder fans in Oklahoma City.

“See, here’s the deal,” Vedder said. “It’s nothing to do with Oklahoma or Oklahoma City or Tulsa or this state or the people or the locals or people in this building. It’s simply what it’d be like if your girlfriend, who you were with in a long-time relationship … well, you wouldn’t like her new husband. If it was Fresno, I’d be p-----d off at Fresno.”

Pearl Jam does not have any Sacramento shows on its schedule.

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