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December 17, 2013

First watch: Tech advice, surveillance ruling, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Obama meets with CEOs from Apple, Yahoo, Twitter... The battle over your phone records heads to the Supreme Court... KISS makes history.

CEOs from Apple, Yahoo, Twitter and other technology companies will meet with President Obama today to talk about the botched launch of and about government surveillance.

A federal judge ruled Monday that a National Security Agency program that collects massive amounts of telephone data “likely” violates the Constitution.

The U.S. Senate is expected to vote today on a two-year budget to fund the federal government. The approved spending plan could reach the Oval Office soon after for the president's signature.

Beyonce's surprise album, released Friday, has broken iTunes sales records.

And the newest members of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame include Linda Ronstadt, Cat Stevens, KISS and Nirvana.

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