First Watch: How Obama is helping the GOP, Super Bowl ad winner, Chocolate toothpaste

01/30/2014 4:52 AM

01/30/2014 6:15 AM

Is President Obama helping the GOP? Indirectly:
"Armed with fresh political momentum for the first time in months, House Republicans headed to a Maryland retreat Wednesday looking to shape a unified message on immigration, debt and health care that could offer voters an alternative rather than just persistent opposition to President Barack Obama. The three-day workshop will say a lot about the party’s plans and fate in 2014. The Republicans start with a powerful motivator – dogged opposition to Obama, whose approval ratings remain around 40 percent and who is proving a serious liability to Democrats in more conservative states."

The Year of the Horse begins with the Lunar New Year in China tomorrow. But pollution may lead to a fireworks ban, and travel is creating stress.

This weekend's Super Bowl already has a winner: "Puppy Love" from Budweiser featuring a canine courting a signature Clydesdale horse.

(Behind the scenes video)

If you were an '80s kid, watch the men of "Full House" reunite for a Greek yogurt ad.

And Crest is introducing chocolate toothpaste. Seriously.


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