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December 12, 2013

Column Extra: Read the racial discrimination lawsuit against the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

Read Victor Guerrero’s San Francisco federal complaint against the State of California

The State Worker

Jon Ortiz chronicles civil-service life for California state workers

Today’s State Worker column delves into the politics behind the federal lawsuit that Stockton resident Victor Guerrero filed this week against California’s prision system and the State Personnel Board. The complaint alleges that the state discriminates against Latinos by asking correctional-officer job applicants whether they have ever used a different Social Security number than the one they’re using in their quest to hire on with the state.

Check out the column and then read Guerrero’s federal complaint below. You can also download the filing by clicking here. Come back a little later today for another post that details the state’s reasoning via a 2012 decision on an appeal Guerrero filed with the State Personnel Board.

The State Worker column has room for just 450 words each week. Column Extras let State Worker blog users delve more deeply into the notes, quotes and documents that underpin our weekly feature.

Guerrero v CDCR, State Personnel Board

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