Special Report: From the ashes -- Recovery on Cobb Mountain

The Valley Fire blackened 76,067 acres of Northern California hill country in September 2015, killing four people and destroying 1,280 homes during one of the state's worst fire seasons. Among the victims are David and Cindy Leonard, whose Cobb Mountain home was burned to its foundation. Like many of the displaced, the Leonards have vowed to rebuild. The Sacramento Bee chronicles their emotional journey beginning Sunday, February 14, 2016.

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Video: Firefight goes room to room inside burning south Sacramento house

Video taken by a camera affixed the the helmet of a Sacramento Fire Department firefighter provides dramatic images from an in-progress firefight as he and other personnel battle a blaze inside a burning home in south Sacramento on Feb. 1, 2016. Christian Beecher, a 14-year-old Sacramento High School student who lives nearby, is credited with alerting the family of five living in the home and helping them escape safely.

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