Fire sparked by transient camp inspires increased bike path patrols

07/30/2014 11:18 AM

07/30/2014 11:19 AM

A fire along the El Dorado Trail has prompted police to increase patrols and crack down on illegal camps along the bike path.

Grass and dense vegetation along with activities at transient camps don’t mix when it comes to a dry season like this, and police believe that a fire along the trail Monday was the sparked by a transient camp, according to a press release from the Placerville Police Department.

While Monday’s fire was under control within 20 minutes, residents in the area were evacuated for that time and both Placeville Police Department and El Dorado County Fire are now investigating the incident and working to enforce the city’s ban on camping in the area.

While the cause of the specific fire is still under investigation, police are confident the spark resulted from activities at the illegal camp.

"With the chronic drought conditions, we must remain on guard of irresponsible behaviors that can lead to fires on our hillsides," said Police Chief Scott Heller, "This sort of incident is exactly the reason why we have an illegal camping ordinance in the city."


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