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Q: What is California's record low temperature for April?
A: -30 degrees at White Mountain.

Q: What is California's record high temperature for April?
A: 118 degrees, April 25, 1898, Volcano Springs (now Mundo), Imperial County.

Q: What is California's record high temperature for March?
A: 105 degrees set at Ogilby in 1900.

Q: What is California's record low March temperature?
A: -35 degrees set at White Moutain in 1969.

Q: What is the record low February temperature for California?
A: -43 degrees in Boca set in 1989.

Q: Who invented the mercury thermometer?
A: Gabriel Fahrenheit in 1714.

Q: Who invented the water thermometer?
A: Galileo Galilei in 1593.

Q: At what temperature will mercury thermometers freeze?
A: -37.89 degrees. This is when alcohol thermometers are used.

Q: Which temperature scale was developed first, Fahrenheit or Celsius?
A: Fahrenheit was developed in 1724 and Celsius in 1742.

Q: What is the coldest inhabited town on Earth?
A: Ojmjakon, Siberia. It is said that birds freeze midflight in the town.

Q: What is an occluded front?
A: This type of front occurs when a cold front overtakes a warm front.

Q: Is evaporation a cooling, or warming, process?
A: A cooling process.

Q: How does lake effect snow form?
A: It forms when cold air flows over relatively warm lake water.

Q: What temperature are Fahrenheit and Celsius equal?
A: -40 degrees.

Q: What is the temperature at which molecular motion stops?
A: Absolute Zero, -273 degrees Celsius.

Q: What is lapse rate?
A: It is the rate of temperature change with a change in altitude.

Q: Along with temperature, what is used to calculate heat index?
A: Relative humidity.

Q: At what temperature does mercury in thermometers freeze?
A: At 38 degrees below zero!

Q: What is the base line for calculating degree days?
A: 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: What is California's lowest December temperature?
A: -40 degrees at Termo set in 1972

Q: What is California's highest December temperature?
A: 100 degrees at La Mesa.

Q: What is the term for when temperature increases as you go up?
A: An inversion.

Q: Which ALWAYS decreases as you go up, temperature or air pressure?
A: Air pressure.

Q: What is supercooling?
A: The process of cooling liquid below its freezing point without becoming a solid.

Q: Latent heat is also called what?
A: Heat of transformation.

Q: What is latent heat?
A: Heat absorbed or released when a substance changes phase.

Q: How many states have never recorded a temperature below 0(F)?
A: Only one - Hawaii.

Q: If the dew point equals the temperature, what is the humidity?
A: 100 percent.

Q: What is the dew point?
A: The temperature to which the air needs to be cooled to be saturated.

Q: What is Sacramento's coldest September temperature?
A: 43 degrees.

Q: What is California's coldest September temperature?
A: -5 degrees at White Mountain set in 1973.

Q: What is California's hottest September temperature?
A: 126 degrees set at Mecca in 1950.

Q: Which is colder, the North Pole or the South Pole?
A: The South Pole is much colder, due in part to its elevation of 9,300 feet.

Q: Do the Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales ever converge?
A: Yes! minus-40 degrees is the same temperature on both scales.

Q: Can a cricket tell temperature?
A: Yes, actually.

Q: Where was the most rapid temperature increase ever recorded?
A: Spearfish, S.D.: Temperature rose 49 degrees in two minutes on Jan. 22, 1943.

Q: What is a diurnal temperature variation?
A: A general term that describes how temperature peaks in the day and troughs at night.

Q: What was the lowest temperature ever recorded?
A: Vostok, Antarctica, recorded a temperature of -129 Fahrenheit in 1983.

Q: What states have record highs no greater than 100 degrees?
A: Alaska and Hawaii.

Q: On average, what is Sacramento's coolest month?
A: December averages a high of 55 and a low of 40.4 degrees.

Q: On average, what is Sacramento's warmest month?
A: July averages a high of 93.8 degrees.

Q: What is Sacramento's average high temperature in August?
A: 92.5 degrees.

Q: What is California's coldest August temperature?
A: 12 degrees in 2000 at Bodie State Historic Park in Mono County.

Q: What is Bodie State Park's average minimum July temperature?
A: Bodie State Park averages 34.8 degrees for a minimum temperature.

Q: What is the record July low in California?
A: 12 degrees in Bodie State Park.

Q: What is California's hottest August temperature?
A: 127 degrees at Death Valley in 1993.

Q: What is Death Valley's average low temperature in July?
A: It averages 86.3 degrees for a minimum in July.

Q: What is Death Valley's average July high temperature?
A: Death Valley averages 114.9 degrees in July.

Q: What did Thomas Jefferson buy on the first Independence Day?
A: He bought his first thermometer. It was 76 degrees.

Q: What is the record July high for California?
A: 134 degrees at Greenland Ranch.

Q: A 1-degree rise in Celsius is how many in Fahrenheit?
A: 1.8 degrees.

Q: Where was the world's highest temperature recorded?
A: Furnace Creek in Death Valley recorded a temperature of 134 on July 10, 1913, the highest ever recorded.

Q: Florida's hottest ever temperature is 109. What is North Dakota's?
A: North Dakota's hottest temperature is 121 degrees.

Q: What is the lowest June temperature in California?
A: 2 degrees at White Mountain in 1967.

Q: What is the highest June temperature in California?
A: 129 degrees at Volcano Springs in 1902.

Q: What type of temperature profile is needed for a superior mirage?
A: There needs to be a temperature inversion (cold air below warm).

Q: Why are clear nights cooler than cloudy nights?
A: Clouds absorb escaping heat and radiate it back toward Earth.

Q: Which nights are usually cooler, windy cloudy nights or calm cloudless nights?
A: Cloudless calm nights are usually cooler.

Q: What is the coldest May temperature in California?
A: -15 degrees at White Mountain in 1964.

Q: What is the hottest May temperature in California?
A: 122 degrees in Death Valley record in 2000.

Q: Absolute temperature uses what scale?
A: The Kelvin Scale, which has a freezing point of 273 degrees.

Q: What coasts will see warmer than normal water during El Nino?
A: Peru and Ecuador.


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