The Conversation: New downtown arena

02/02/2014 12:00 AM

10/08/2014 11:35 AM

In unveiling the latest drawings of a $448 million arena planned for downtown Sacramento last week, the Kings and their architects said they have incorporated ideas they gathered from a variety of Sacramentans in hopes of reflecting the spirit of the region in the design.

The result: a silvery-white structure of glass, perforated aluminum and Sierra limestone with five-story see-through front entrance that can open up during some events to create a true indoor-outdoor venue, coupled with an adjacent outdoor plaza. The Kings call it a one-of-a-kind building and site plan that will help revitalize a moribund section of downtown.

What do you think? Is this design reflective of Sacramento? Will it pull people and businesses downtown? Are there changes to the look, design or layout of the project that you think will help it achieve its redevelopment task?

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