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FPPC takes Sutter out for a long walk off a short pier...

08/23/2013 6:33 AM

08/22/2013 7:36 PM

The California Fair Political Practices Commission is hearing testimony about a proposal to reveal precisely who is posting paid political opinions on social media. Steve Maviglio, a major political wheel (please send me $1,000, Steve, as this is promoting you) is against this plan, asserting that even Sutter Brown (@SutterBrown #savedstatebudget, #morecharismathanJerry), the gubernatorial Corgi, might have to identify who is posting in his name on Twitter. 

Sutter called a news conference at his posh fundraising cocktail party (Chops, $2,000 minimum or a sack of Beggin' Strips) to address these concerns.


SUTTER: Thank you. Yes?

REPORTER: Your Twitter account may be in danger as an undisclosed political advocacy entity. Given that assertion, are you now prepared to reveal who is writing your material?

SUTTER: I write my own Twitter material.

REPORTER: You're a dog.

SUTTER: I'm holding a news conference.

REPORTER: Good point.

SUTTER: Anyway, it's only 140 characters. Speed is my issue.


SUTTER: I don't have opposable thumbs. #hateevolution.

REPORTER: Will you officially appeal the FPPC if the ruling goes against you?

SUTTER: I will be filing a class-action appeal with other interested parties who wish to keep their political activities and whereabouts anonymous. I am fighting for the rights of all Anthropomorphic Canine Crypto Americans. 

REPORTER: Sutter, if the ruling goes against you, what other pressure can you bring to bear on the FPPC besides legal action?

SUTTER: Well, you may note that the FPPC chairwoman Ann Ravel won't be working in Sacramento much longer - she's going to the Federal Elections Commission. Do the math. I get things done. 


For a live audio or video tape of this news conference, please send a check to: Steve Maviglio, Speaker's Office, State Capitol, Sacramento, CA 95818. Do not make the check out to Steve Maviglio. He is already paid by the state. Make check payable to: Sutter Brown 2014 Exploratory Committee.


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