Lift ban on cameras in Bracamontes trial

The outbursts of Luis Enriquez Monroy Bracamontes in his trial for the murder of two deputies are not a good enough reason to ban cameras in the courtroom. This is a death penalty case in an age in which information is increasingly visual. The judge in the case should make room for the public eye.


Editorial: Kids’ education will be fine under vaccination bill

Vaccination is a requirement for enrollment in kindergarten in most of the country. If other states can balance public health with public education, California can, too. Anti-vaxxers’ claims that their rights will be abridged by SB 277 are unfounded and state lawmakers should ignore them and keep their priorities straight.


George Takei steps in to put internment art in right place

The now-halted auction of handicrafts and photos taken from the Japanese American internment camps during World War II was reprehensible. But getting the artifacts into the public eye, in historical context, is the best revenge. Good for actor George Takei, who has stepped in to mediate a solution.


How to get beyond Equal Pay Day

Women’s pay still lags behind men’s at every level, and Congress won’t address it. But California is considering a bevy of state-level equalizers. And momentum is building nationally.

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