Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters: Cameron Park firefighters raffle off an AR-15? Unbelievable.

Re: “Cameron Park fundraiser raffles off an AR-15 after Florida shooting. Some were ‘in shock’” (sacbee.com, Feb. 18): Unbelievable! Such greed! So insensitive! Good job now making Cameron Park part of the problem instead of being brave. I use to think of firemen as heroes. Not in Cameron Park, they push assault weapons onto their community in exchange for a little cash? Let’s hope that not one of our children or other love ones ends up in the sights of this deadly assault weapon.


Letters: Donald Trump wants a military parade? Seriously?

Re “Trump should lead from the front if he wants a military parade” (California Forum, Feb. 7): Donald Trump’s turn to embrace the symbol of dictatorships, a display of military might with stiff-legged strutting soldiers, completes his journey to occupy the same stage as Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un. Trump reverts to be a child playing with his toy soldiers surrounded by their armaments. Trump believes he needs to boast that his march exceeds them all. Men and women who risk their lives in the service of our nation are not movie extras in a reality show episode and their sacrifice is much more than a half-time celebration. Trump reveals again his dismal readiness to govern and his preference to be a drum major.

Concerns aired at Folsom meeting about Aerojet Area 40 cleanup efforts

At a public forum at the Folsom Community Center on Wednesday, June 20, 2018, California Department of Toxic Substances Control officials share details about the cleanup plan for Area 40, a site contaminated by toxic fuel from Aerojet.