President's lack of transparency is troubling

12/13/2013 7:10 AM

12/11/2013 3:52 PM

Re "Mr. President, let the photographers in" (Forum, Joyce Terhaar, Dec. 8): Denying access to photographers is another example of this administrations lack of transparency. President Barack Obama ran on a pledge to change government and give unprecedented access during his administration. Is this how he has changed the way government works, by refusing to allow news photographers access? Issuing executive orders to suit his own ideas? He said in a March 6 press conference that if Congress refuses to act, he would continue to do everything in his power to act without them. He has not enforced certain laws that don’t match his philosophy. He has changed aspects of laws to his liking, and he provides staged photographs to bolster him image. Also, according to The Sacramento Bee, federal employees are prosecuted and ordered to spy on co-workers. This does not sound like an open administration to me, and I shudder to think what other governments in history went down this path.

-- Raymond Webber, Rancho Cordova

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