Our chicken choice shows poor judgment

01/10/2014 7:01 AM

01/09/2014 2:47 PM

Re "Boneless, skinless chicken breast rules - but why?" (Forum, Views on food, Jan. 5): Elaine Corn's article said what I have felt for so long but have never been able to state so eloquently. The apparent preference for cardboard-like breast meat is a sad commentary on our food culture. What does it say about us that we collectively vote against a cheaper, more flavorful and possibly more nutritious option, purely out of misguided, knee-jerk, low-fat paranoia? I have roasted, grilled, fried and poached many a chicken. Even in the most perfectly cooked specimens, the breast is never preferable, or even equivalent in taste, to the dark meat. Incidentally, the bits of dark meat adherent to the carcass are even better, though hardly conducive to civilized eating. Corn’s article was an enjoyable piece, equal parts informative, humorous, and incisive.

-- Nate Simon, Sacramento

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