Vapor pens seem cool to teens

01/24/2014 7:10 AM

01/23/2014 3:57 PM

Re "E-cigarettes: A new vice ensnares adolescents” (Forum, Jan. 19): E-cigarettes and vapor pens have already become "the next cool thing," not just for hipsters and bar-goers but for high school kids that you wouldn't expect to smoke. I am a senior at McClatchy High School, a member of the HISP program and enrolled in only Advanced Placement classes. Many of my friends (from McClatchy and other high schools) “vape.” Sometimes, they even do it in class when teachers aren't looking. While the so-called smoke from these devices isn't intrusive, I think e-cigarettes and vapor pens should be treated like tobacco. It's too easy for kids under 18 to obtain vapor pens, and the health risks often go unknown. Ads for e-cigarettes and “vapes” should also be banned as they project the idea that there are no health risks and that smoking e-cigarettes is the cool thing to do.

-- Koen Browning, Sacramento

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