High-speed rail is 21st century answer

01/31/2014 7:10 AM

01/30/2014 1:24 PM

Re “High-speed rail project has never made sense” (Viewpoints, Jan. 26): Ben Boychuk says he’s not a declinist and doesn’t want to see a dystopian California. He does not seem fazed by the prospects of spending $341 billion over the next decade to maintain existing roads and bridges, which would add no or minimal additional capacity to our present transportation system, but he objects to spending one-fifth that amount to vastly increase the system’s capacity and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. He asks why his kids should have to settle for a carless life in a Fresno condo, with a 90-minute train commute to Los Angeles or San Francisco. The real question is why they should be denied an effective alternative to driving their cars. Boychuk’s vision of continuing our 20th century carcentric transportation system well into the 21st century represents precisely what he says he is against.

-- Richard Heltzel, Sacramento

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