Why not ban smoking?

02/05/2014 10:02 AM

02/05/2014 10:58 AM

Re "Secondhand smoke ruins Sacramento's outdoor dining" (Viewpoints, Feb. 5): I was taken aback by Dr. Thomas W. Hopkins' op-ed. As a smoker myself, I would never consider lighting up away from home these days.

Isn't this article preaching to the choir? Undoubtedly, the City Council will ban smoking in outdoor dining areas. That's fine.

But I would challenge Hopkins, and all physicians, to sponsor a state-level initiative to ban tobacco sales entirely. Or would this be more taboo than lung cancer and heart attacks?

Could it be that anti-smokers are more willing to scapegoat tobacco addicts, which is easy, righteous and full of choir-preaching opportunities, than eliminating a deadly, horribly addictive drug that supports a chunk of the economy, which would be hard?

Are you afraid to dispute the unspoken assumption that tobacco jobs and profits trump our health?

I'd vote for it. Then I'd quit.

-- Nancy Goodrich, Sacramento

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