Raise minimum wage

02/17/2014 8:02 AM

02/17/2014 10:54 AM

Re "Raising the minimum wage: An idea conservatives should love," (Viewpoints, Feb. 17): When will there be enough outrage about corporate welfare and corporate greed that the people rise up and say, "No more."

I am sick and tired of hearing about corporations stealing taxpayer money in subsidies on the one hand and being uplifted on the other by underpaying their workers. People want a decent wage and a way to make a good living for their families, and not have to spend their time in lines in the rain and cold waiting for handouts at a food closet, especially if they already have full time jobs.

Millionaires want more and are reluctant to share even the most meager benefits of their handsome living. I'm sometimes ashamed to admit what country I am from. Ron Unz was right in his assessment "privatizing the benefits of their workers while socializing the costs."

-- Judi Williams, Davis

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