It's a myth that Obama fails to reach out to Republicans

02/21/2014 6:02 PM

02/24/2014 12:52 PM

Re "Obama is hurting himself by not reaching out" (Editorials, Feb. 19): Your criticism of President Barack Obama regarding perpetuates the myth that the president does not adequately reach out to Republicans.

Your editorial implies that the president can move the Republican-controlled House and overcome a likely Republican filibuster in the U.S. Senate to enact legislation to combat our severe drought. Did Reps Tom McClintock or Jeff Denham approach Rep. Ami Bera or other Democrats to form a bipartisan group and seek White House cooperation?

Given Republican aversion to any and all initiatives originating from the president, and Speaker John Boehner's unwillingness to allow a floor vote on anything that does not already have the approval of a majority of Republicans, The Bee and Bera should first find a mechanism where the full House can easily vote on potential legislation.

Asking the president to initiate a policy debate would seem to automatically produce a call for adjournment in the House.

-- Daniel Fong, Rancho Cordova

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