Household water use is minor, comparatively

02/25/2014 5:02 PM

02/27/2014 1:47 PM

Re "In record drought, state leaders can’t ignore agriculture to save water" (Editorials, Feb. 21): The editorial board accurately stated that household use of water is scant compared to farm use of water.

Despite the fact that only about 4 percent of California's fresh water is consumed by households, and the remaining 96 percent is consumed by farm and industrial and commercial users, our government agencies and utilities are pushing for a 20 percent reduction in household water use and for imposition of penalties for failure to abide.

These same agencies and utilities fail to articulate planned reductions by farm, industrial or commercial water users; 20 percent of 4 percent equals .8 percent water saved. If farm, industry and commerce merely reduced their 96 percent use by 5 percent would result in 4.8 percent of all water saved-more than all household use combined.

Focusing on cutting household water use will have no significant impact on our total fresh water supply and is absurd. Do the math.

-- P.J. Kershaw, Roseville

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