Harris should leave well enough alone

03/03/2014 8:03 AM

03/03/2014 3:45 PM

Re "Harris right to fight creeping gun culture" (Editorials, March 4): “Regardless of opposing views on gun rights and immigration, it's fascinating how enforcement of the law is so schizophrenic.

A couple of years ago, a court struck down portions of Arizona’s immigration law based on federal jurisdiction. And yet when other states circumvent federal jurisdiction by passing dream acts and issuing drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, the feds are mysteriously silent.

Unfortunately, Attorney General Kamala Harris is furthering this perplexing trend by appealing the 9th Circuit Court decision on concealed weapons permits. All the court did was uphold the Second Amendment by striking down one of California's restrictive gun laws.

Please don't assume by my position that I'm a conservative. Like many others who support gun rights, I'm a progressive who is left of center. But I need the ability to protect my family outside our home, because the police cannot. Harris' time could be spent more productively.

-- Paul Warrick, West Sacramento

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