Supporting monarch butterflies

03/07/2014 8:03 AM

03/03/2014 5:50 PM

Re "Majestic monarchs and modest milkweed" (Editorials, March. 2): As a member of the City of Davis Open Space and Habitat Commission, I was pleased to see this editorial alerting readers to the decline of monarch butterflies, and other native pollinators, and urging conservation efforts on their behalf.

Another recent story detailing North American Free Trade Agreement discussions on monarchs and potential milkweed corridors also was a reason for optimism on this topic.

Pollinators are intrinsically important as a part of our regional native biota. They also provide important ecosystem services. Many of our crops depend on pollinators, with natives often performing more efficiently than the more ubiquitous non-native honey bees.

The commission has adopted habitat enhancement for native pollinators within Davis, as well as the surrounding agricultural land, as one of our working goals. As we continue this effort, we hope to see other local efforts that together can boost our regional populations.

-- Patrick Huber, Davis

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