Protect monarch butterflies

03/14/2014 11:03 AM

03/09/2014 8:59 AM

Re "Butterflies are free, important" (Letters, March 2): There is no doubt that Roundup needs strict application regulations if Monarch butterflies are to continue to exist.

The only food source for Monarch caterpillars is milkweed, which is being killed by unrestricted application of this herbicide.

We need to act for our honeybees, and now. Eugene, Ore., passed a ban on neonicotinoid use within city limits. Sacramento should do the same. Neonicotinoids are a group of pesticides that are killing honeybees at an alarming rate. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's review results on neonicotinoids will come far too late to help the fate of our precious pollinators.

One in three bites of food on our plates is thanks to honeybees and other pollinators, including butterflies. We must demand that serious controls be put in place on neonicotinoids or we will all suffer the consequences.

-- Erin Hauge, Sacramento

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