Let's talk facts, not villify

03/14/2014 12:03 PM

03/10/2014 2:27 PM

Re "Gun Advocates should work to make guns safer" (Another View, March 9): Josh Horwitz authored a misleading viewpoint regarding the firearms and ammunition industry's commitment to safety. He attempts to vilify the industry at the expense of the facts.

As the microstamping law is written, it is impossible for manufacturers to comply. There is no technology that will reliably, legibly imprint identifying information on a cartridge casing let alone in two locations as required by the law Horwitz helped write.

In order to meet the state's standards, such technology must work every time. A 2013 study, co-authored by the inventor of microstamping, found that even using optimized processes, complete recognition is still not possible in all cases.

Accusing one of our nation's job-providing manufacturing industries of whining and pouting is counterproductive. Instead of name calling, we urge a civil debate based on facts.

-- Lawrence G. Keane, Newtown, Conn.

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