Another perspective on truancy

03/11/2014 8:03 AM

03/11/2014 12:23 PM

Re "Truancy targeted in bill package" (Capitol & California, March 11): The proposed legislation and local district programs to reduce students' truancy fail to address two critical issues:

First: Why are so many students not attending school? Could it be that they are bored by being forced to memorize irrelevant, meaningless factoids for later regurgitation on far too many standardized tests?

Second: Regardless of how many students attend school each day, school districts have to pay teachers, administrators and classified staff, run the buses, provide lunches, and pay utility bills.

Why not use a revenue system in which each school does a formal student enrollment count each Oct. 15 using an actual head count and appropriate residence verification documents, and repeat the process each April 15. Take the average of those totals and use that as the multiplier for school district funding calculations?

How long does it take to solve the wrong problems?

-- Alec I. Ostrom, Auburn

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