Hands off e-cigarettes

03/11/2014 1:03 PM

03/11/2014 3:41 PM

Re "Cities consider ending e-cigarettes' free pass" (Page A1, March 11): Now that we ex-smokers have followed, like sheep, the orders to keep our smoke to ourselves, we have a solution.

Why do e-cigarettes bother non-smokers? There's no smell, no second-hand smoke, no fire danger, and they are inexpensive. I do not see any reason to ban them from public view, except that non-smokers don't want us to use nicotine.

Well, I don't want non-smokers to tell me what to do.

Can we please ban obese people from eating in restaurants because we can see them? Can we ban overly tanned people from public places because they could get melanoma? Tattoos are socially unacceptable to some people.

If your children are so out of control that they will illegally buy e-cigarettes, perhaps they need to be taught.

No more nanny laws.

-- Susan Gross, Sacramento

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