Wake up, millennials

03/21/2014 11:03 AM

03/17/2014 11:27 AM

Re "Millennials are clever but too self-absorbed" (Forum, March 16): Baby boomers fought the Vietnam War. Through their protests and activism they ended the military draft so that young men and women wouldn't be sent to their deaths in some killing fields against their will.

Fast forward to post-9/11 when the country was told to go shopping and enjoy tax cuts while our volunteer army did the fighting for us. Had there been a military draft, the invasion of Iraq would not have happened. The draftees and their parents would have had a personal stake in the fighting and would have taken to the streets in mass protests much like the boomers did in the '60s.

Millennials would not have the luxury to be self-absorbed, knowing they may be sent to war. Citizenship requires active participation, and too few for too long have been carrying that burden while our youths became disengaged and clueless.

-- Harry Cowan, Mount Aukum

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