Split ambulances from fire department

03/23/2014 10:03 AM

03/24/2014 8:56 AM

Re "Metro Fire tax seeks new charge on property owners" (Our Region, March 23): What do they call a pig when it makes one more trip to the trough? A hog. It's time to butcher the hog.

Has anyone done any studies to determine if there has been substantial loss of property or life since the existing fire stations have closed? Do I really care if my house burns down partially or burns 5 minutes longer with a delayed fire arrival, as it will be destroyed by water anyway? It's all covered by insurance. Do we need to spend $12 million a year to re-open these closed stations?

It's time to look at splitting ambulance service off from fire to save money. Maybe Emergency Medical Services could share the facilities and not command the high salaries and benefits Fire does? Salaries and pensions are outrageous for public employees who get paid to sleep one third of the time.

-- Dave Savage, Sacramento

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