Concealed weapon: apples and oranges

03/27/2014 2:03 PM

03/28/2014 8:55 AM

Re "Dangerous court decision on concealed guns must be reversed" (Viewpoints, March 26): First, I want to say that I own weapons and support gun control laws.

Writer Catherine Stefani claims that by someone getting a concealed weapon permit (apples), there will be more shooting and deaths. She cites shootings (oranges) that have happened as her justification for the court decision being reversed.

My guess would be that almost all of the shooters she is referring to do not have permits to carry concealed weapons and in some cases do not legally possess the weapon. I would support Stefani and her organization if they had shootings that were apples.

I looked into what it would cost to get a concealed weapon permit. For me it would cost close to $300: fees, classroom instruction, ammo and qualification, and there is a 15 to 30 minute face-to-face with a deputy. The deputy has final say.

-- Robert Edwards, Galt

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