Oil and gas industry causes earthquakes

04/04/2014 5:03 PM

04/01/2014 12:30 PM

Re "No evidence that fracking leads to earthquakes" (Another View, March 30): As a co-author of the report Catherine Reheis-Boyd attacks, I must set a few things straight.

As the author points out, earthquakes have been linked, by USGS, to fracking wastewater injection. Confirming that scientists agree with us is a peculiar way to attack our report.

Fracking produces massive amounts of wastewater, which is commonly injected back into the earth. This massive wastestream, and its threat of contamination and seismicity, is one of many reasons why fracking endangers Californians

Reasonable people, as the author tries to appeal to, care about their health, property and water supply, not billions of dollars in profits for oil companies that Ms. Reheis-Boyd represents.

Sen. Holly Mitchell's SB1132, which would put a moratorium on fracking, is the reasonable policy. Hopefully, our legislators agree that public health and safety are more important than Big Oil profits.

-- Andrew Grinberg, Oil and Gas Program Manager, Oakland

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