Capitol is rotten to the core

04/01/2014 6:04 AM

04/01/2014 12:26 PM

Re "Capitol has virus that can cripple" (Dan Walters, April 1): It's both comic and tragic to watch the California Legislature run for cover amid the corruption scandals that normally remain unreported.

Dan Walters' predictable spin protects his Republican friends. He recommends against public campaign reform saying that closing off campaign funds would merely drive the process underground.

Walters apparently believes the FBI, CIA, and NSA are incapable of tracking how billionaires purchase politicians, so we should simply throw in the towel.

Walters echoes Chief Justice John Roberts in proposing unlimited direct contributions and adding the sop, but with stricter reporting requirements and very severe penalties.

Tellingly, Walters fails to explain why public campaign reform could not be paired with stricter reporting requirements and very severe penalties. The comedy is that Walters expects anyone to buy his GOP-inspired propaganda. The tragedy is that Bill Whalen is correct in suggesting the Capitol is rotten to the core.

-- Monte Fisher, Isleton

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