No gain for health coverage

04/01/2014 9:04 AM

04/01/2014 12:13 PM

Re "Big rush to meet health deadline" (Page A1, April 1): This article cheers the fact that 1.2 million Californians are now newly insured, but 1 million people got their insurance cancelled in this state due to the extensive, unnecessary mandates. The White House is crowing about 6 million people getting the ACA, while nationwide 6 million got their insurance cancelled.

85 percent of the new sign-ups are subsidized by those now forced to buy plans with higher premiums. Doctors and hospitals are few and far between with the ACA which translates into long waits and rationed care.

The entire health care system has been thrown into chaos for 30 million uninsured. Where are they? The cost is now 2 trillion, not 900 billion. A sensible fix of the things wrong wiser than this massive takeover of one sixth of our economy.

The private sector can do better than government without punishing an entire industry and all of us.

-- Kay Walsh, Sacramento

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