Don't buy climate change rhetoric

04/01/2014 9:04 AM

04/02/2014 9:06 AM

Re "Yes, climate change is real and it is damaging" (Editorial, April 1): The editorial board's labeling of skeptics as climate-change deniers insults the intelligence and integrity of folks capable of distinguishing rhetoric from meaningful scientific evidence.

While the board claims to be aware of overwhelming evidence to support its positions and catastrophic predictions, not a single item of actual scientific causal evidence is cited among the cherry-picked and somewhat flawed examples used to support the board's opinion.

On the opposite editorial page, columnist Bruce Mailman calls for the expulsion of three state congressmen, judging and labeling two of them as guilty before hearing any evidence presented in a court of law. I suppose one would be a denier in this case, too, to ask to see the quality of evidence presented in an objective setting before rushing to judgment and punitive action. Perhaps the board believes that public consensus is sufficient reason to ignore established proof standards.

-- Roger Hewitt, Fair Oaks

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