Too soon to call fracking safe

04/01/2014 1:04 PM

04/02/2014 9:07 AM

Re "No evidence that fracking causes earthquakes" (Another View, March 30): Once again, there is a push to bring more chemicals into the living communities of humanity and nature by closing our eyes and calling fracking safe.

We know the injection wells destabilize earth structure making earthquakes more likely. We know fracking uses water that could irrigate farms. We hear the echo of Big Tobacco, Big Pharma and Big Industry: money first, not the health of earth and people.

Let's be smarter this time and wait for the studies before being blindsided into a health-damaging yes to fracking. As a physician, I need those studies. The studies need to be in medical literature, then we can discuss if fracking in California is good or bad. Without them, I cannot interpret illnesses from them which I might see in patients.

Using 700 new commercial chemicals yearly without testing is too much. Life is more important than profit.

-- MaryKelly Sutton, MD, Fair Oaks

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