Caring for my own health

04/11/2014 11:04 AM

04/07/2014 9:26 AM

Re "Does wealth equal health?" (The Conversation, April 6): Health care is a volatile issue because we're talking choice, lifestyle and death. Appropriate to our country's culture, accountability and responsibility remain unmentioned.

My health insurance rates more than doubled under the new Affordable Health Care Act. Why? I'm told it's because I:

A. Have the good fortune to not have had a serious disease or accident B. Choose to responsibly take care of my personal health.

I believe Obama's plan is headed in the right direction. Yet, to paraphrase Daniel Weintraub, access to health care doesn't necessarily mean people will choose positive health care practices. Those of us who exercise and eat a healthy diet are being penalized, asked to carry those who choose to smoke and eat whatever they wish.

The medical industry and citizens want free reign to maximize returns on minimal investment. Someone has to give, I hope it's choice for responsibility.

-- Mitch Darnell, Sacramento

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