Farming is a business

04/06/2014 12:04 PM

04/07/2014 9:28 AM

Re "Valley floor sinking as aquifers are pumped" (Page A1, April 6): Farming seems to have become a topic not unlike religion, politics or gun control. Tempers flair quickly for those who believe their livelihoods or beliefs are being threatened.

I would love to see The Sacramento Bee print a comprehensive look at the profits and business practices of some of the larger farms in California, especially those in the affected areas noted in the article. We have always heard the mantra that farmers feed America, but just how much of what is produced here stays in America?

We hear of farms switching to more profitable crops and of milk being dumped to keep prices up. If our water supply is being depleted for profit overseas, then we are obligated to regulate and protect this fragile resource.

Who is getting subsidies? Who is doing the least and most damage to our remaining water supplies with pesticides and herbicides?

-- Troy Hodges, Citrus Heights

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