Orcas: Just a thought

04/08/2014 1:04 PM

04/08/2014 3:11 PM

Re "Orcas will pay price" (Editorials, April 8): I concede that Assembly Bill 2140 is not good law. So let's try a thought experiment. You live in a large mansion, several thousands of square feet. You are fed daily, on schedule, all of your favorite food, with especially good food when you carry out certain activities. You were born there, or at least arrived very young. You cavort and play, exercise, and do cartwheels, and all your needs are met. You soon learn that performing activities on hearing a particular sound gets you rewarded with more of your favorite food. The drawback is that you can't leave. The house has transparent sides, and is surrounded with black and white creatures that seem to have a particular affinity towards you, although they only come to see you play and do tricks, all the while pointing their flippers and making orca-like noises. Just a thought. -- Michael McMurry, Suisun City

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